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A video in which a band of soldiers flog and torture a group of unidentified teenagers, has been sent to Pulse.

In the short clip, the boys are made to stand on their heads in the scorching sun, handed stones and repeatedly whipped on their bare backs should the stones drop; or should they as much as utter words of dissent or pleas.

The video was sent to Pulse by an anonymous female soldier who concealed her location and the location where the video was taken.

She did however disclose that the video was taken this year and that she’s a serving soldier who found what some of her colleagues do “distasteful and heartrending.”

Our source also stated that the boys aren’t terrorists or hadn’t particularly committed any crime. “These were just innocent boys from the neighborhood being whipped into line,” she said.

Excessive show of force or disproportionate force in dealings with members of the public is a recurring theme with armed personnel in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation.

In October of 2020, young Nigerians emptied into streets nationwide to protest decades of police brutality, extra-judicial killings, profiling, extortion and torture at the hands of armed personnel.

Armed soldiers fired live rounds into a crowd of peaceful protesters in Lagos on October 20, 2020 in a bid to quell the demonstrations.

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