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Alh. Shetima Yerima, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, said for Nigeria to realise its full potentials in all spheres of life, restructuring remains the only viable option.

Speaking to DAILY POST in Kaduna, Alhaji Yerima Shettima said, “l am a strong advocate of restructuring anywhere l stand to give my candid opinion on the way forward for this country.”

He added, “The centre cannot hold and l am of the view that there is the need to decentralize the power of the federal government. The system we are practicing has made more mockery of our governors at various levels because the governors often times relayed on what the federal government allocate to them rather than looking inward into what they can do to sustain their states.

“If we run a system that gives certain autonomy to the states or regions, there are likelihoods that innovative ideas will come in on how best to effectively manage what is on ground for the overall benefit and development of the people.

“The likes of Sardauna of Sokoto, Awolowo, Azikwe and other founding fathers could make meaningful impact in their various regions that today we are recalling their selfless service to the country. The regional system of government gave them the apple opportunity to initiate ideas that are relevant to their terrain, they were able to do better and the impact is still visible after years of their services.”

He is of the belief that if the country is restructured, the states or regions would be able to harness their resources through proper and prudent management to be able to develop the immediate pressing needs of their people.

Alhaji Yerima Shettima observed that the country does not need to solely rely on oil, stressing that in every part of the country, solid minerals abound and with better management, the entire country will be better for it.

He explained that when the country is restructured, it would encourage governors or regional leaders to be competitive in ensuring that the best things are done to the people.

He added that with restructuring, the regional leaders would be able to take care of other challenges like insecurity, economy, kidnapping, banditry, pointing out that with community policing, it will be better for the region than what is obtainable in the country today.

He opined that without restructuring, the country may not get it right as it is if regional system of government is adopted in the country.

Restructuring remains only viable option for Nigeria – Yerima Shettima – Daily Post Nigeria

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