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Lower Niger Congress

In the MNN Alliance (Movement for New/No Nigeria), Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is the platform tasked with holding the paperwork.

Here is a link to the LNC-USA website to the site where some of the relevant documentation Re: Repudiation of the imposed and sham 1999 Constitution, etc. are found (The notice board)


Lower Niger Congress (LNC), member of the MNN Alliance – Facebook site

Ìlànà Ọmọ Oòduà (IOO), the Yoruba platform and member of the MNN Alliance – their website

Ìlànà Ọmọ Oòduà


Daughters of Truth – DoT

These are three ordinary women, but professionals living in the USA and very concerned about the state of Nigeria. 

They had been active in a self-determination group, but became disillusioned when they realised it was not a genuine organisation. They left it and while looking for something else, providentially came upon LNC-MNN. After thorough assessments and inquiries they realised that LNC-MNN is an AUTHENTIC and transparent self-determination platform and they began to spread awareness about the Constitutional Force Majeure using Zoom discussions on Facebook and Youtube.

They like thousands of other concerned people, are in NINAS (Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination).


Link to a PDF version of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution

Link to the Seventh Schedule of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria: Oaths of Office.

It shows the words that political office holders use to make their oaths, all swearing to uphold the illegitimate 1999 Constitution.