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The Nigerian Constitution

This is a social contract that is supposed to be put in place by the people

The 1963 Constitution was put in place by the 4 regions (Eastern, Western, Mid Western, Northern) and they agreed to govern themselves (Self-governance) and maintain their autonomy. But that Constitution was changed by Military decree 24 and put in place in 1999. Because the PEOPLE did not put this constitution in place, it is a forgery and so null and void. This has taken away the sovereignty of the people of the ethnic nationalities WITHOUT their consent. To FIX this, we MUST end the 1999 Constitution by a peaceful process, Constitutional Force Majeure, led by Movement for New/No Nigerian (MNN) under the aegis of NINAS, the Nigerian Indigenous Alliance for Self-Determination - The Peoples Freedom Alliance.

Can we end the constitution?

Yes because the Constitution is a social contract and the Nigerian 1999 Constitution was NOT signed by the people so the contract is a forgery and so is NULL AND VOID.


The Constitutional is a social Contract that requires both parties to sign it for it to be valid.  The 1999 Constitution did not have the peoples signature and so is NULL AND VOID.  So, as the people did not sign, they can end the contract by what is called “Force Majeure”.


Force majeure is a legal term that indicates that something is wrong with the contract, in this case, the signature is a FORGERY and so the PEOPLE CAN TAKE STEPS TO END THE CONSTITUTION BASED ON THAT FACT.




Nigerians both at home and abroad now know:

  1. That the imposed 1999 Constitution is a forgery so null and void, and illegitimate. It was not made or agreed by “we the people” as deceitfully claimed in the preamble. Being null and void, the 1999 Constitution cannot be amended, but must be jettisoned and abandoned. (All the “constitutional amendment” exercises were therefore invalid). This 1999 Constitution is actually Military Decree 24, renamed “Constitution” in this elaborate deceit.
  2. The imposed and illegitimate 1999 Constitution was REPUDIATED by the indigenous ethnic nationalities in their Solemn Assemblies as follows:
    Lower Niger bloc (South East and South South together) on 27th April 2015; Yoruba bloc on 7th September 2017; Middle Belt bloc on 8th July 2018.
  3. All political parties in Nigeria subscribe to the 1999 Constitution and so too will the winner of any further National Elections in 2023 or any other time, conducted under the so-called 1999 Constitution.
  4. This 1999 Constitution is given new life to rule over us, holding us hostage, when we have elections. So there MUST NOT be any National Elections in 2023 under this repudiated Constitution except we choose to renew our enslavement to the corruption, underdevelopment, inequalities and seizure of assets/resources that it brings us.
  5. WAY FORWARD: Only political parties contest elections in Nigeria. They must therefore be compelled to Close Shop (even if temporarily) so that we can repair this situation by dealing with it democratically through dialogue and negotiations. That is the formal commencement of a Constitutional Force Majeure, a formal proclamation before the global community.

NINAS – Peoples Freedom Alliance


Social media is being used to get the message out, and increase awareness on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

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There are some parts of the world that are prone to hurricanes. Those who live in such places are alerted by weather reports so they begin to prepare. They buy food and water to store in their homes just in case they can’t leave their houses, or roads and transport networks get damaged.

Imagine this: You are in such a place as a tourist but you don’t like to read, so you did not learn that the place where you chose to holiday gets hurricanes, and you are there during hurricane season. When you get there you only watch music shows and religious programmes on the TV in the flat you rented for your short holiday. You decide to visit the big supermarket to buy a few things and to compare it with what you know in Nigeria. When you are there, you see people rushing to buy canned food, packet food and bottled water. You secretly laugh at them thinking they are being greedy. That night you are woken up by loud bangs and whooshing sounds. You look outside but the street lights are out so it is completely dark, and you shake your head, thinking this is like Nigeria and our “NEPA” electricity poverty. The noise is still loud so you decide to go outside. You put on your dressing gown and outdoor shoes and go outside. WHOOSH! A strong wind carries you off to perdition, as your last thought is, “people PERISH for lack of knowledge!”

Back to the reality of Nigeria. There is chaos and corruption, death and destruction, terrorists and terrors. In all of this confusion, there is a clean-cut and clear path that is going to be opened up. This message is put out to inform us that we are on the threshold of a Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM). A Constitutional Force Majeure is a non-violent legal pathway where, through dialogue and negotiations, the REPUDIATED 1999 Constitution is decommissioned and the process of getting new social contracts properly and democratically by “We the people” is embarked on. So, when you hear a formal proclamation before the global community, you will know what it is about – the Constitutional Force Majeure, and play your own role before God, in bringing justice and peace to this territory.

Just as citizens in a hurricane-prone country are made aware that a hurricane is on its way so they can prepare, Nigerians at home and abroad are being made aware that a Constitutional Force Majeure is on its way. But, unlike a hurricane, the Constitutional Force Majeure is exceedingly good news, and a herald of fresh, new beginnings!

For information and updates please go to:

It is a website set up by ordinary Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora who want to make their lives count before their Maker, so they make sacrifices of their time and resources for the good of their people, and of Africa.



Nobody who lives within the country from any of the indigenous ethnic nationalities of Nigeria would ever want another war in our ancestral lands. Our ancestral lands are very dear to us, we have no other such place on this earth. Plus, there is already so much bloodshed in this territory, so we now want peace.

Why is it then that some people wish us violence, and even civil war? Surely we have not forgotten the revelations made by Dr Obadiah Mailafia on a radio interview in August 2020? Dr Mailafia is not just anybody. He is an intellectual who got his PhD from Oxford University, plus a man of proven integrity. Dr Mailafia bravely and honourably told us what many lesser men would be too cowardly to tell us, because his eyes are on his God, and being a man of peace, he is concerned enough to actually do something, no matter the consequences to him. During the radio interview Dr Mailafia said that by 2022 a civil war is planned for Nigeria.

Here is a 3 minute clip of the interview.



In the full interview (posted below), Dr Mailafia explains that the reason for an agenda of civil war is so that those in power can continue in power. (Is it because they are frightened of losing if they allow elections in 2023?)

Some people after hearing such revelations will still prefer to sit and watch, and do nothing. But, if a civil war does start, it will be too late.

Others though will consider the character of the man, Dr Mailafia who made these revelations. Then, they will consider the character and behaviour of those in government then weigh it up. Recently, we saw how easy it was for government to not only switch off lights at Lekki tollgate on 20th October, but send in soldiers to kill peaceful, and unarmed young people. Then many of their bodies were removed, and international news organisations like CNN called liars when they showed irrefutable evidence of the Lekki tollgate massacre. Furthermore, we saw video footage on social media of hoodlum being brought in by forces outside the peaceful protesters to create violence and destruction during the End SARS protests. In addition, we saw how COVID-19 palliatives meant for the poor, were hidden away in warehouses by those in authority. To date, nobody has faced any consequences for any of these crimes. So, considering all these, plus the kind of highly corrupt and extremely violent country that Nigeria is, with captured Boko Haram terrorists set free because of claims that they are “repentant” and “rehabilitated”, how should an intelligent person view the allegation of a civil war agenda in 2022?

We now have two options to choose from. Number 1, either no elections in 2023 because terrorists will be used to start a civil war before that time. Or, number 2, no elections in 2023 under the imposed and fraudulent 1999 Constitution because of a non-violent internationally accepted legal process of Constitutional Force Majeure, where we have dialogue and negotiations.

We are not trying to scare or alarm anybody. The terrorism, insecurity, Fulani herdsmen, and Lekki tollgate massacre under this government all speak for themselves as to what value Nigerian lives have been given, and the kind of future to expect (Social Media bill, Waterways bill, “RUGA” etc). Dr Mailafia has a distinguished international record and our choice is to either believe him, or believe a government that calls what Fulani herdsmen are doing throughout the South and Middle Belt – “farmer and herdsmen clashes”.

What we can be sure of, is that a Constitutional Force Majeure will prevent any possible agenda of civil war. Our sure bet to keep our ancestral lands from further bloodshed is therefore for all of us to rally round the planned Constitutional Force Majeure.

Here is the full 52 minute long interview.

If you can’t watch it all, the relevant time is a four minute segment from 43 minutes 30 seconds – 47 minutes 30 seconds.



For information and updates please go to:

It is a website set up by ordinary Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora who want to make their lives count before their Maker, so they make sacrifices of their time and resources for the good of their people, and of Africa.


NIGERIA Union Dispute – What is that?


As Nigeria unravels to take another shape, ie either gets Restructured or Dissolved – “We the people” will decide which option via Regional Referendum by ethnic nationalities, we hear terms that may be new to some of us. Such as “Union Dispute” also called “Sovereignty Dispute”, which we will now explain.

For that, we need to go to the 1999 Nigeria Constitution, which is the document that firstly CREATES the Union of ethnic nationalities, plus it also REGULATES (ie controls) this Union. The Constitution has a Preamble, which is a very important introduction, and it is what this Preamble states that brings about a Union Dispute. The Union Dispute is over two issues as follows:

  • Preamble states: “We, the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having firmly and solemnly resolve, to live…as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation…And to provide for a Constitution for the purpose of promoting the good government…” 

    Dispute: When did ethnic nationalities submit ourselves, our ancestral lands and our resources (ie our sovereignty) to the type of Union described in this Constitution, as claimed?

  • Preamble states: “Do hereby make, enact, and give to ourselves the following Constitution…”

    Dispute: When and where did ethnic nationalities make, enact and give to ourselves this 1999 Constitution?


The contents of Decree Number 24 of 1999 by which General Abdusalam Abubakar and his Provisional Ruling Council of the time Promulgated (announced) the 1999 Constitution, and which is printed in the 1999 Constitution itself, provides the complete proof that “We The People” did not make, enact and give to ourselves the 1999 Constitution as that Decree spells out step-by-step how the Provisional Ruling Council came about the 1999 Constitution, therefore NOT “We the people”!


The MNN Alliance comprising of EXPERTS in law, jurisprudence, international law, international relations etc, started planning and executing their Strategy of using the non-violent internationally approved legal process of Constitutional Force Majeure from 1999. This was just weeks after the 1999 Constitution was imposed upon Nigerians, because they realised that such a Constitution would bring nothing but injustice, corruption and insecurity upon Nigerians.

The 1999 Constitution fraud can be sorted out by Nigerians concerned about the state we are in, and even more concerned about the kind of future that awaits their children and grandchildren if this injustice continues. This 1999 Constitution has already been Repudiated by the indigenous ethnic nationalities of the Middle Belt, Oodua and Lower Niger blocs (for dates please go to our Knowledge Center tab, then read “Key Milestones to Know And Remember”), so now a Constitutional Force Majeure formal proclamation is approaching.

All political parties in Nigeria subscribe to the 1999 Constitution and so too will the winner of any further National Elections in 2023 or any other time, conducted under the so-called 1999 Constitution. Due to the Union Dispute, concerned Nigerians and friends of Nigeria should rally round the call that insists there be no national elections in 2023 under this 1999 Constitution, and compel all political parties to close shop (even if temporarily), until this Union Dispute over the 1999 Constitution is corrected democratically by dialogue and negotiations. It can be done. It MUST be done.





In Nigeria, although we call it a Constitution, the 1999 Constitution is really Military Decree 24, just renamed. It was imposed on Nigerians, and falsely claims to have been made and agreed by “we the people”, (ie the Constituent Components of Nigeria), thus it is a forgery and illegitimate. 

Let’s get this straight: For it to be called a Constitution, it MUST be made by “we the people”, otherwise it is simply NOT a Constitution! 

Logic: imagine being given a USA 100 dollar bill that is a forgery as it is actually just a colour photocopy cut out using scissors. Is this forged fake 100 dollar bill valid as money? Is there any kind of “amendment” you can do that can turn this photocopy into real money? So now you see why the 1999 Constitution that was not made by “we the people” cannot be amended to make it real and valid as a Constitution. 

It must therefore be thrown out and thank goodness that the National Assembly has finally acknowledged that it has no power to make a new Constitution. 


It is this 1999 Constitution, a forgery, that firstly creates the Union of Ethnic Nationalities that make up Nigeria. Then it also controls and regulates what happens in that Union. Justice and Democracy demand that “we the PEOPLES” of Nigeria make our own real Constitutions in the right way. You see, a Federation ought to be a collection (a union) of Constitutions made by each Region/Bloc, and so it is also wrong and deceitful to have just one Constitution.

Therefore, when the 1999 Constitution that has been repudiated is taken down and thrown out (by legal process of Force Majeure), the Unitary Union it imposes on us ends, at least technically. That is why Ethnic Nationalities, in Blocs/Groupings of their choice, must decide to either Re-commit to, or Exit this Union. This is done by Referendum. For that, Ethnic Nationalities in Blocs/Groupings will ask their people whether or not they want to be in this Union. Referendums ensure that “we the people” are making decisions for ourselves using our SOVEREIGNTY over our lives, our future, our ancestral lands and our resources.

We also need to be clear about this: The 1963 Constitution was the last proper Constitution that Nigeria had. However, it ended when we had the military coups of 1966. Since that time, till now, Nigeria has been under Military Decrees. Don’t forget, as already mentioned, the 1999 Constitution is not a Constitution but is Military Decree 24. 

So, you may wonder why we don’t just return to that 1963 Constitution.

We cannot do that by the snap of a finger because Nigeria has changed too much from the type of Union we had agreed to be before Independence. There is the big question of what to do with the Sharia imposed by 12 neighbouring States of the Far North in a Union supposed to be Secular if the Union is to remain. Moreover, Nigeria was also dragged into the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation/Conference (OIC), an organisation that says it is “the collective voice of the Muslim world”. Now too, Ethnic Nationalities no longer have control of their resources and assets, we have 36 States plus FCT, we no longer have a Parliamentary system, we have 774 local government areas, we no longer have Bakassi Peninsula, etc. Essentially, the current Nigeria does not in any way resemble the Nigeria we had agreed to be in, as a Political Union at the time of Independence in 1960. Thus, there must be a Clear Process to take us from where we currently are in a Unitary structure to the where we wish to be. 

We are in the era of an Alternative Culture for this territory. It is now time to do the right thing and to do the right thing the right way. There can be no short cuts, and we cannot tolerate any more deceit and fraud, or imposition. 

Here is the democratic and fair way forward, that brings about justice and democracy:

1) Take down the imposed 1999 Constitution, a forgery that has been repudiated, by Force Majeure.

2) Have a Transitional Government when Ethnic Nationalities will have their Referendums in the Blocs/Groupings of their choice, to decide the future of the Union.

3) The results of these Referendums will determine what happens next.

This is not complicated. There is therefore no reason to be confused. 

You do not have to worry if you do not know the processes and procedures, because we have experts who have been working on this for over 20 years who know what to do and how to do it (Movement for New/No Nigeria (MNN) Alliance).