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We are a group of people from all over Nigeria and the world and all walks of life. Our bond is an absolute commitment and dedication to bringing freedom and security to the millions of indigenous Nigerians and Christians who are facing an existential threat by working with individuals and groups to arrive at solutions and by alerting the global community so they can ACT.  We are committed to ending the genocide of Christians/indigenous Nigerians by obtaining and providing factual, verifiable information and narrative to the world to counteract the inaccurate reporting of the facts. We are interacting with any and all organizations working on this very urgent and real threat facing Christians and Indigenous Nigerians.


We are indigenous people of Nigeria who created this website to help people access factual information regarding the process of seeking self-determination by indigenous ethnic nationalities.

Self-determination is a cardinal principle of the United Nations for all indigenous peoples in their ancestral lands, and is a human right in international law.

Self-determination for ethnic nationalities was a pre-Independence condition that our forebears had insisted and agreed upon as a condition of being part of the Union of Nigeria.

However, the military coup of January 1966 destroyed the Nigeria agreed upon, and since that time self-determination using military decreases culminating in an imposed 1999 constitution that falsely states in its preamble that “we the people” prepared it, making it a forgery. Consequently, it is illegitimate, fraudulent, and cannot be amended but decommissioned.

The National Assembly CANNOT make new Constitutions and CANNOT amend the 1999 Constitution given that it is fraudulent and must be jettisoned/decommissioned wholesale.

The indigenous ethnic nationalities of the Middle belt, Oduduwa (Yoruba) and Lower Niger (Eastern and Mid-Western regions) are now seeking to retrieve their stolen self-determination via a non-violent, orderly and internationally approved strategy.

constitutional force majeure

This resource is for Nigerians and for the international community.

Our materials (text, images, videos etc.) can be copied without making any alteration, but with a reference/citation of its source.



Nigeria represents grand corruption and is described as “fantastically corrupt”. We want freedom from that.

Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. We want freedom from that.

Nigeria is described as a failed state. We want freedom from that.

Nigeria is a state with terrorism (Boko Haram, ISWAP, Fulani herders militia, Al-Qaeda). We want freedom from that.

Nigeria has not even got basic infrastructure such as continuous electricity. We want freedom from that.

We can go on and on listing all the failures and non-development in Nigeria but space does not allow… We just want FREEDOM from all that Nigeria represents so as to be the people God meant us to be, living in peace, productivity, progress and prosperity!